FlatList.com Listing for a Flat Fee Since 1999!

Founded In 1999 by Stacie Whitfield, aka Flat List RE and FlatList.com (FlatListingFee.com, Inc.)  was developed to provide consumers with an alternative way of buying and selling real estate. As technology began to play an impressive role in all aspects of the real estate industry, the need for change became obvious. When Multiple Listing Services allowed brokers to list all MLS listings on their websites, buyers and sellers had access to more information than ever before. This was a monumental change that allowed the consumer to view listings that were once only available to members of the MLS. Sellers could now gain the needed exposure with access to the MLS by paying a flat listing fee rather than the traditional listing commission, saving the sellers thousands of dollars. Stacie Whitfield felt the concept behind the Flat Listing Fee program could provide the need for control for the buyer and seller and save them money at the same time. Embracing technological advances without losing the personal touch and professional service became the operating goal of the first FlatListingFee.com, Inc. office. Great care was taken in opening an office that would run efficiently while providing professional real estate services for buyers and sellers.

The concept flourished along with the company. FlaListingFee.com, Inc. also known as FlatList.com and Flat List RE. Flat List RE  are licensed real estate brokers in Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington state. 

Arizona Brokerage: Stacie Whitfield, Designated Broker, License # BR53801800
Hawaii Brokerage: Stacie Whitfield, Principal Broker, License #RB 19260
Oregon Brokerage: Angela Heit, Principal Broker, License # 2159
Washington Brokerage: Angela Heit, Designated Broker, License # 200307065

Arizona: azhomes@flatlist.com
Hawaii: hihomes@flatlist.com
Oregon: orhomes@flatlist.com
Washington: wahomes@flatlist.com